Reverse Osmosis

Soft Water Reverse Osmosis

Drinking Water Purification Systems.

With a reverse osmosis filtration system from Vlcko’s Soft Water, you can enjoy bottled water-quality drinking water right in your home. Reverse osmosis filters remove 90 percent of impurities, providing fresh, clean water at your kitchen sink or refrigerator. Our reverse osmosis filtration system can even fit under a sink if you prefer. We can also provide everything you need to make it even more affordable by installing it yourself. 

Reverse Osmosis Filter

This filter removes 90% of everything from your water. This results in "bottled water" quality water at your kitchen sink or refrigerator. Ours is designed to fit under your sink and also comes with the necessary parts for all the DIYers who want to save some money and install it themselves.


$15.00/mo +tax


$750.00 +tax


$37.50/mo +tax for 12 months

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