Iron Filters and Smell Removal

Soft Water Iron Filters

Filter Iron, Eliminate Odors.

Even though water softeners effectively remove small amounts of iron from water, you might need an iron filter for larger amounts or for discolored water. Our iron filters also remove rotten egg smells and other odors, provided they’re coming from the well rather than the water heater. If a deteriorating anode rod in the water heater is to blame, the remedy could be as simple as removing that rod. 

10" Iron Filter

We use the Fleck 5600 valve for this purpose too. It is versatile after all. These tanks are 54 inches tall and are installed ahead of your water softener. The best part of our iron filter is that it also removes the rotten egg smell (and other odors) from your water.


$20.00/mo +tax


$1095.00 +tax


$55.00/mo +tax for 24 months

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