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Salty Soft Water?

Despite the myth, softening your water will not result in salty-tasting water. Sodium Bi-carbonate is formed through the water softening process, different from Sodium Chloride (table salt).

Save Your Clothes..and Wallet!

A water softener greatly reduces the natural hard minerals found in hard water. The minerals that can ruin the material of your clothes and can cause them to turn dingy and yellow.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Steve Vlcko and his team made great improvements to the water in our home. They offered great advice, quality products, and prompt service throughout the whole process. Steve and his team are...

-Chris and Kendra Carter, Homeowners

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Service Starts with Listening.

We at Vlckos Soft Water will listen to your exact needs and make sure you get the service that you need and not the service you don't.

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